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Plantar fasciitis socks are not technically socks at all but an orthotic device used to keep the foot flexed while the patient is sleeping or at rest. A plantar fasciitis sock allows the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon to remain stretched for long periods of time, which reduces foot pain, particularly in the heel.

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis frequently develops when the plantar fascia is excessively tight, irritated, and/or inflamed. The plantar fascia is under immense pressure as it is largely responsible for maintaining the arch of the foot and absorbing the force of impact during physical activities, including such everyday motions as walking. Aside from becoming inflamed the plantar fascia may develop miniscule fissures where the ligament and heel bone connect. Inflammation is responsible for the severe pain that can accompany PF, even when that pain is felt primarily in the heel. Tight calf muscles and a shortened Achilles tendon can also cause plantar fasciitis to develop as well.

How Do Plantar Fasciitis Socks Work?

Plantar fasciitis socks look like regular socks with just a few modifications. PF socks are made from a flexible yet constrictive material. An adjustable band wraps around the lower let so that the fit can be adjusted and there is both a ring at the front of the sock and a strap that protrudes from the toe. The strap is passed through the ring, ensuring that the foot does not relax but remains in 90 degree flexion to the lower leg.

This type of treatment allows for a continuous stretch of the ligaments and tendons in the feet and lower leg. It is highly recommended that patients wear it at night or while seated as it is not designed to work with weight-bearing activity. It is also possible to find socks that increase blood flow to affected areas and that keep the muscles and ligaments warm. This is accomplished through the use of special thermal fabrics.

How Do I Choose the Right Sock for Me?

When choosing plantar fasciitis socks it’s important to find a device that you comfortably wear and that will be sure to meet your needs. You can ask your doctor for a recommendation and/or do your own research online. Whatever you choose be sure your sock can be easily washed, as this will become very important over time.

Are Plantar Fasciitis Socks My Only Option for Treatment?

There are many treatments for plantar fasciitis; these particular socks are just one of the more popular means of treating the condition. A night splint can also be worn as it produces similar results. Many people prefer the socks however, as they are more comfortable to sleep in (the ‘splint’ actually resembles a rather large brace.)


Plantar fasciitis socks reduce pain symptoms while treating several of potential underlying conditions at the same time. Treatment of PF will be most effective when orthoses are used in combination with other non-invasive treatments, as wearing these socks for extended periods of time can eventually cause problems as the muscles of the foot and ankle will become weak and somewhat atrophied.
Life all treatments for this affliction plantar fasciitis socks are most effective when introduced soon after initial symptoms appear and when combined with a variety of treatment methods.


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